Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Reunion Playlist

My 10 year high school reunion is this weekend.

I kinda thought I'd be in a different place in my life by now. I mean, when I pictured this event (always in the far far off future) I imagined I'd be thinner, with a more successful career, and married to a super hot dude who can't get enough of me.

That's...not...really what's happening this weekend. I mean, I'm still looking better than I did in High School. I lost 70lbs after my Sophomore year of college. Yay, me! But since then, I've steadily gained 20 of it back've read this blog. You know the mistakes I make. Tonight, for instance, I've already resigned myself to going off the diet I've been on (for two. whole. days.) and eating an entire pizza for supper. 

The whole career thing isn't going so hot either. Sure, there's this internet famous thing that's bound to happen sometime, but I'm still working at the same job I got when I started college. I joked to someone the other day that they only way I was leaving was feet first. 

Then I went and quietly had a panic attack where no one could see me.

As far as the super hot husband...the other day, the guy I thought I was seeing brought a date...on our date.

So...that's kinda where my life's at right now.


It's Tall Corn Days weekend, and Tall Corn Days weekend is the happiest weekend of the year. I'm gonna go, I'm gonna spend time with my friends and family, and I'm probably gonna be super wasted through most of it. 

Get ready, Iowa.

As is my tradition with all major events in my life, I decided to make a playlist for the weekend. Something to psych me up as the week of work before my weekend of fun draaaaaaaaags on. My constant need to soundtrack my life, coupled with the insane nostalgia I've been feeling in the lead up to this reunion, brought about what I think is possibly my favorite playlist in existence. 

What was to be a Greatest Hits Album, pulling from all of my high school mix CD's, turned into a 62 track Spotify playlist containing the greatest mix of songs from 2000-2004 that I've ever seen. It perfectly encapsulates the moody, angsty, super gay, yet super into popular rap music, high schooler I was.

Going through these mix CD's was a trip. I started with Chris's Mix #1 (eight Eminem tracks followed by seven A*Teens songs with absolutely no transition songs in between) and worked my way through Chris's Mix #19: The Graduation Mix (lot's of "hate this town," "gettin' out of here," and "I'm leavin'" songs).

And then, 'cause I was on a roll, I continued on to the college years and found Chris's Mix #25: The I'm Probably Gonna Lose My Virginity Tonight Mix. (because I'm not kidding when I say I made Mix CD's for everything). It started out pretty romantically with Leona Lewis and John Mayer but spiraled kinda out of control once Heidi Montag got thrown into the mix.

Clearly, I know how to bring the heat.

Going through the entire playlist here would be a little insane, so I'll provide a few of the highlights, and you can see the rest by following me on Spotify and subscribing to "The Reunion Playlist." I'm not entirely sure how one finds another person on Spotify, but it's linked to my Facebook, so I'm pretty sure you can search "Christopher W. Roberts" and find me. You won't be disappointed in this playlist, I promise (I mean, maybe you'll be disappointed, I guess I don't really care one way or another)!

Teenage Dirtbag- Wheatus

This song was my jam in high school. I can't really comprehend why. It in no way relates to anything I went through. I don't really connect with the lyrics on a personal level. I just really, really f#%!ing love it.

Fame- SR-71

This song was the route of the email address that I got as a Freshman in high school and then was embarrassed by for the next 10 years of my life (we all had that email address). was I thinking?!

The Wreckoning- Boomkat

A pre-Pennsatucky Taryn Manning in possibly the most 2003 band that ever existed.

Sk8r Boi- Avril Lavigne

Every single time this song came on, I would turn to Beth and with a completely straight face say, "I'm a sk8r boi." before going back to what I was doing before with no further explanation. And that's all there was to that story...we were awesome.

Stuck in American- Sugarcult

Sugarcult was one of those bands who I only knew by two songs, but it didn't stop me from listing them as one of my favorite bands of all time for a solid two years.

Don't Cry For Us- Justincase

I bought this album 100% just because the guy on the cover was a dreamboat, and I'd do it again.

Bare Naked- Jennifer Love Hewitt

Let's all take a moment right now to just be thankful that this album/music video happened and that we got to experience it.

Right Thurr- Chingy

I mean...his name was Chingy. And we took him seriously...

Red Light- Jonny Lang

Another album I bought only because of the super hot guy on the front...and then I proceeded to listen to this song on repeat and sob alone in my room for hours at a time. So many feels.

Senorita- Justin Timberlake

I'm fairly certainly Beth and I nearly destroyed our vocal cords before a speech competition by maniacally screaming the call and response portion of this song.

"It feels like somethin's heatin' up. Can I leave wit' you?"

Penny & Me- Hanson

Turns out, Hanson had a whole career after they quit being teen hearththrobs.

A much less successful one.

My Immortal- Evanescense 

No joke, this was on 7 of the mix CD's I listened to.

The Bad Touch- Bloodhound Gang

They used to play this at school dances, you guys. So inappropriate.

I Quit- Hepburn

From the Buffy Soundtrack, and also from the Chris's Big Depressing Crush on a Tease of a Straight Boy Soundtrack.

Check out the rest on Spotify, and throw any suggestions you may have for additions to the playlist my way. I've been enjoying this walk down memory lane...a lot.

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